Violin/Viola Lessons

Private Violin and Viola lessons are offered in 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute time slots on weekdays after school hours.  Day-time lessons for adults and home-schooled students may be arranged based on availability.  Please contact TCC to schedule a time.

Students of all ages, (even adults), are welcome!  Starting children at a very young age is encouraged (ages 3 or 4, depending on child readiness as determined by the director during a trial lesson).

A parent/caregiver must attend weekly lessons with their student, observing and taking notes during each lesson.  They’ll also receive info and individualized help every step of the way for “coaching” their student at home between lesson days. Parent/Caregivers are given ongoing support as students reach successive milestones in their personal and musical development.

No prior musical training or background is required of the coach, and students LOVE learning alongside their special grown-ups!

Contact us to learn how you can get started making music a part of your home, and to schedule a complimentary trial lesson.